January 8

BTC-ECHO-Newsflash: The Top Bitcoin & Blockchain News of the Week

Ethereum and Ripple fight for second place after Bitcoin. Fynn Kliemann wants to release his own crypto currency and we introduce the ten most renowned Ripple investors. The BTC-ECHO-Newsflash.

Too lazy to read BTC-ECHO every day? So hungover that you completely forgot what happened last week? Or do you just want to let everything go through your head again? Anyway, here’s our BTC ECHO Newsflash: Last week’s Top Bitcoin & Blockchain news.

Crypto market: Bitcoin secret overtakes Ripple

The middle of the week was marked by a small bang – Bitcoin secret gained significantly and overtook Ripple’s XRP token again: https://www.onlinebetrug.net/en/bitcoin-secret/ The Bitcoin course was also able to pour some oil into the crypto currencies. Read more? You can find it here.

Fynn Kliemann: YouTube star plans its own crypto currency “Kliemark
YouTube star, singer, technician and newcomer of the year 2018: Fynn Kliemann can write himself a pole of talents on the hipster flags. (With all this talent, he can probably even paint it in oil in Renaissance style in postmodern style). What’s still missing? A crypto currency. Matching the surname of Fynn: the Kliemark.

Ripple and the capital: Ten renowned investors and the US$ 96 million project

The fact that Ripple wants to revolutionize the international money market with “his” XRP token is an announcement that has been washed away. It always seems convincing: Even Ashton Kutcher and Madonna were able to get through the project last year (via detours). Who are the ten most renowned investors in Ripple Labs, can you find out where? On BTC-ECHO.

Ripple (XRP): Billion-dollar transaction causes FUD and confusion on Twitter
Speaking of which: Last week token movements in the billions caused a lot of concern in crypto space. Do XRP whales swim into the space and soon press hard on the ripple course? We can give the all-clear.

Ethereum: Binance announces support for Constantinople
And once again Ethereum: In the course of the upcoming Hard Fork, Vitalik Buterin is preparing for Constantinople with all the necessary energy. Now also Binance announced to support the update and the splitting of the blockchain.

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