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Welcome to our affiliate program page! We are really excited to provide what we feel is easily the best affiliate program on the 'net. I know, everyone says that, but just wait till you see how easy it is to make money with us :-)

With our affiliate program, you get paid 9 cents for each and every valid newsletter signup you generate for us! Here's the cool thing - When someone decides to sign up, we've found that they generally sign up for an average of nine newsletters at a time - so you'd get paid, on average, 81 cents per person that signs up! That adds up in a real hurry! We've paid out over $1 million to partner sites since 1998!

Now the real zinger! Since these are FREE newsletters, the leads you send don't have to buy anything in order for you to get your referral fee- and get paid! We have a huge variety of newsletters and there's really something for everyone. Since it's free, people are much more likely to take action - and earn you some hefty referral fees! Why settle for a program that only pays you when a customer buys something? We pay you for each and every unique confirmed newsletter signup you generate!

Already have a newsletter? Then you're gonna love this! List it with us and you're automatically in the affiliate program! The reason this is so great for newsletter owner is that our affiliate program is smart - it makes sure you are not charged when someone you send signs up for your newsletter. After all, if you send a lead and they sign up for your newsletter, we shouldn't be charging you for it! PLUS if you have a newsletter and link to us, YOUR newsletter will appear at the very top of the list! You can use the newslettersforfree site to generate subs for your list and (the best part) make money for each additional newsletter that person signs up for! Cool huh?

We pay good too! Not only will you receive 9 cents for every newsletter your leads sign up for (average of 81 cents each time), you'll get paid fast! We pay within 30 days of month's end for the previous month. So, by the end of June, you'll be paid for all the leads you sent in May! Minimum payout is just $20, so even lighter volume sites can get paid on a regular basis.

Give this a try - it's the easiest way to make money with an affiliate program you'll ever see!

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WorldStart, Inc and will pay the designated payee listed above 9 cents for each unique confirmed subscriber generated by the web site(s) listed above, within 30 days of the close of the month. If amount due is less than $20, / WorldStart, Inc. reserves the right to hold payment over until $20 or more is earned. These terms grant you, an independent contractor, a non-exclusive license to display content and graphics and generate traffic to the site using industry accepted methods, such as banners, ads in newsletters, valid emailings, etc., and that display of banners and copy does not violate any laws. will provide banners, text copy and other promotional materials for use by site(s). Any changes or other copy must be approved by in advance. No incentives may be used to induce people to sign up for newsletters.

Promotions for, or links to, the page cannot appear on sites that contain pornography or adult content, hate, profanity, cruelty and any others deemed inappropriate by Promotions and links may only appear on approved sites based on URLs provided.

The terms include all information provided on this web page. Either party may cancel with 7 days notice. may refuse to pay for bogus or otherwise invalid names. You cannot use spam emails to drive traffic to this page., WorldStart, Inc. is not responsible for errors in coding or linking resulting from changes to supplied code. Governed by the laws of Ohio, Lucas County.

Site agrees not to contact newsletter publishers in an effort to circumvent, excepting those publishers who are already clients of site(s).

These terms are in effect for 12 months from the date submitted, and will automatically renew for additional 12 month periods unless cancelled. All notices will be submitted via email to the email address entered into this form, and for, to our contact page

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